A Walker’s Guide – Sedbergh to Brigflatts

  1.  From St Andrews Church take the footpath that follows the southern edge of the churchyard alongside the cricket ground. [a] Turn South down the eastern edge of the ground. At the end of the path [b] descend down the slope towards the trees and the road.
  2. Cross the road (Busk Lane) at the iron kissing gate [c] and follow the path down the track side of the sports field. The path then continues across the field towards the river. Follow the path up the rise in the ground to the left of the house. [d] The River Rawthey is to the left as the path swings around the small hill to the West.
  3. The path emerges onto Birks Lane. [e] Turn left and continue along the lane through the hamlet for about 100m.
  4. On the right a signpost indicates the footpath to Brigflatts. Enter the field. [f] The path follows the line to the right of stone wall and tree. Pass through one, two, three, four kissing gates. In the distance you will see the railway embankment and the tunnel that passes under it. [g]
  5.  Go under the (disused) railway embankment and cross the next two fields passing through the field gates. [h]
  6. The path follows the southern margin of the field and passes to the North of the stone built house ‘Rosebank’ – the home of the Meeting House Warden. Exit the field onto Brigflatts Lane via the field gate near the tall lime tree. [i]
  7. At the lane turn left. The gate to burial ground is opposite and visitors are welcome to go in if they wish to. ‘Rosebank’ is immediately on your left. The 18th century stable and Quaker schoolroom are on the right. These are not generally open to the public but if you are interested in seeing inside these buildings please speak to the Warden.
  8. The meeting house is fifty yards further down the lane – the white building on the left. The main entrance is on the southern elevation, so go past the Meeting House and enter the garden by either of the two gates (the further gate is a level access entrance). We hope you enjoy your visit.