In December 2018 we installed ground mounted pv panels in our adjacent paddock. These supply electricity to all our buildings.  We have changed to a provider using renewable energy for any additional needs. Heat loss imaging survey has been carried out and door-closers and draught-proofing fitted. In 2019 we have refurbished our Schoolroom and Undercroft and are pleased with the high level of energy saving measures we specified.

Climate and Energy Efficiency: The meeting uses the Sustainability Toolkit, and has made as many changes as possible, within the constraints of the listed building. 

Building maintenance & refurbishment: This is an on-going process using local materials and traditional lime mortar to reduce damp.

Transport: A cycle rack is provided and car-sharing is used whenever possible for meetings. Most visitors walk across the fields from Sedbergh.

Resource use, recycling & waste management: Recycling is dependent upon local authority provision and we do all we can, including buying environmentally friendly products.

Wildlife, ecology and nature conservation: We have planted a variety of indigenous trees and shrubs to make a little copse with walkways in our adjacent paddock.  We have also taken steps to improve wild flower growth in our burial ground.

As individuals: we recognise that there is a huge amount we can all do as individual members of the Society of Friends to live more lightly on this planet