Family History

There is a Blue Folder in Brigflatts’ Library with details of many local families and background information. The information in The Blue Folder is presumably verified at source, however updated information and easier access to records may provide additional data leading to new family connections; again any further or updated information will be most welcome.

I have also amassed a large family tree with many extended Quaker connections and would be delighted to share this, or collaborate as appropriate. This starts at the beginning of Quakers in the area and includes many local family names; it is, of necessity, a work in progress.

The main family links have been added to the burial records and act as a key to further information, with the source either The Blue Folder (BF) or The Family Tree (FT); together with brief details. I hope this will be of interest. It is more than possible I have made errors on my Family Tree, or missed important information yet I have tried my best to substantiate my findings; I would truly welcome and appreciate any feedback.

All individuals on these records are important to The History of Quakers; many experienced great suffering for their beliefs and any information, which adds to the brief details, can hopefully embellish their history.

Helen Henderson March 2020 (If you have further interest in this family history, I would welcome you contacting me – please could you do this via the form on the contact page, with the subject heading Family History.)