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(information for other children but grown-ups can read it too!)

Who we are

We are the children of Brigflatts meeting.

What we do

The older children meet every Sunday morning with one of the adults from Meeting in our new den in the Undercroft. The younger children meet upstairs in the old Schoolroom.
Painting of the croft by Mary Dawson
We ask (and answer) questions, play games and sometimes we share with the grown-ups what we’ve done when we join them in Meeting.

We have a map of the Sedbergh area showing where the historical Quaker places are. It's pinned up in the Meeting House Library now decorated with our pictures of George Fox coming to Brigflatts.

Why don’t you encourage someone to let you come and visit us here so we can get to known you.

Come and visit us on a Sunday morning (or some other time!)